Roaring Monitoring

Subscribe to changes and stay up to date

Making sure you have the correct information at the right time is crucial from many perspectives. Don't miss out on any changes in your data. Monitor it instead.

Webhook Monitoring

Roaring Monitoring offers the smartest, easiest and fastest way to monitor and keep your customer data up to date.

The service uses webhooks which sends a notification when a change occurs in the datasets you've chosen to monitor. Webhooks can easily be setup and implemented into your systems or used through the Roaring Web App. Simply select the data you wish to monitor and get going!

”With Roarings monitoring service we can continuously update data, which has made the AML process more efficient.”

Patrik Jeppsson Product Development | Söderberg & Partners

The Webhook Flow

Monitoring through webhooks is like subscribing to changes in your customer data. Once a change occurs in the source data, a notification will be sent to you, informing you about the change. You (your system) then decides if you'd like to take part of the change or not.

With more than 50 sources of data in total, we provide your business with all kinds of relevant and useful information about your customers or potential customers. And to make sure it's relevant over time, all you need to do is subscribe!

Secure, Fast & Cost Efficient

A major advantage of using webhooks, is that no customer directory or list needs to be handed over to us or a third party. All in all, this makes for a secure, fast and cost efficient way of keeping your customer data up to date.

Wether you use it for regulatory, marketing and sales or other reasons, our monitoring service enables you to automate what is usually a time-consuming task. What will you do with your newly gained time?

Available monitoring services





PEP (Politically Exposed Person)

Company information

Board Members

Signing combinations

Beneficial owners

Sanctions Lists

Company engagements

Financial information

Company activity

Share facts

Company establishments

Population register

Alternative beneficial owner

AML registry

Group structure

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