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Describes roaring monitoring service

Roaring Monitoring offers the smartest, easiest and fastest way to monitor and keep your customer data up to date.

The service uses webhooks which sends a notification when a change occurs in the datasets you've chosen to monitor. The service is easy to implement in your systems and you can select the data you'd like to monitor.

Our first monitoring service to use webhooks is registering or deregistering of politically exposed persons (PEP). Soon to follow are Changes in the Board, Signatories and Beneficial Owner.

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Here's How it Works

Roaring Webhook Notification Service

Monitoring with Webhooks is like subscribing to changes in your customer data. Once a change occurs in the source data, a notification will be sent to you, informing you about the change. You (your system) then decides if you'd like to take part of the change or not.

A major advantage with Webhooks is that you never have to turn over your customer directory to a third party, moreover, it's a more secure, faster and cost efficient way of keeping your data up to date.

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