Person Information

Information about all people registered in Sweden & Norway.


Politically Exposed Persons “PEP”NEW! 

This service declares whether or not a person is a politically exposed person (PEP).

Population Register

Population Register

Our services includes all individuals who are registered in Sweden & Norway with information about current name address and more.

Board Directorships

The service Board Directorships contains information about what company engagement a particular person has. Shows which companies a person is attached to.

Company Information

Information about all Swedish and Norwegian companies.

Verklig huvudman

Beneficial OwnerNEW 

The Beneficial Owner service lets you see who the Beneficial Owners of a company are. Alternatively, which companies a person is a Beneficial Owner for.


We offer 3 services to check which people and constellations are allowed to sign for a company.

Company SearchFREE 

Our Company Search API makes it easy to find companies or to create a selection of companies based on variables.

Company Information

Basic Company Information about companies. Is for example used to verify contact and address information.

Company Establishments

Company Establishments

Workplaces are a company’s geographic workplaces. Use this API to check shipping/delivery addresses.

Board Members

The service also provides access to information on the Board, General Manager / Managing Director and authorized signatory.

Financial Information

Financial Information

Contains financial statements and financial ratios so that you get a good picture of the company’s financial position.

Credit Decision

Credit Decision Company

The service is used to get automated credit decisions if the company is to be granted a loan, credit or invoice.

Other information

Standalone information services.

Sanctions Lists API

Sanctions ListsNEW 

Control if a person or organisation is on the EU or UN sanction lists and financial connection is prohibited.

Are you missing any important data?

 We continuously increase the number of data sources, contact us to know what we are working on.