Company information

Information about all Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Spanish companies.

Legal InformationNEW 

Screen companies and its board members for legal occurrences.



Find out which people and constellations are allowed to sign for a company.

share facts

Share Facts

Detailed information about a company’s shares.

aml registry

AML Registry

The Money Laundering Register contains companies that may be affected by money laundering.

board members api

Board Members + history

Contains information about the companies executives such as the board, CEO and auditor.

company rating

Company Rating

Company Rating shows the credit worthiness of a company.

owner structure

Owner Structure

Find out who owns a company and how much they own.

alternative beneficial owner

Alternative Beneficial Owner

See who has control of a company if there is no registered beneficial owner.

company activity

Company Activity

Offers a brief description of the company activity and if it has any trade names.

company group structure

Company Group Structure

Lists all companies that are part of a group and its ownership relationships.

beneficial owner

Beneficial Owner

See who are registered as beneficial owners of a company.

company search

Company SearchFREE 

A free company search API with Nordic coverage.

company information api

Company Information + history

Basic business information such as address, status, tax information etc.



Establishments shows a company’s geographic workplaces.

financial information

Financial Information + historyNEW VERSION! 

Displays the complete financial statements for a company and the financial history for the past five years.

credit decision company

Credit Decision Company

Automated credit decisions if the company is to be granted a loan, credit or invoice.

Person Information

Information about all people registered in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland & Spain.

Legal Information PersonNEW 

Screen persons for legal occurrences. Used for due diligence, onboarding and KYC!

global pep

Global Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

A global service for PEP and RCA data.

credit decision

Credit Decision Person

Automated credit decisions to decide if an individual is to be granted a loan, credit or invoice.

Beneficial Owner + history

See which companies a person is a registered beneficial owner for.

PEP Politically Exposed Person 2

Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

PEP list service with Nordic coverage.

population register

Population Register + history

Information about all individuals registered in Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland.

Company Engagements + history

Displays all companies a person has board assignments in.

Other information

Standalone information services.

KYC questionnaire

KYC Questionnaire

Pre-built and customizable KYC questionnaires through API or web app.

Sanctions lists 3

Sanctions Lists

Global sanctions screening and monitoring with sanctions lists from Great Britain, Switzerland, EU, UN, and OFAC.

Available API and Webhook services for each market

Check out what API's and Webhooks are availabel on each market.








Legal Information Company

Legal Information Person

Population register*

PEP (Politically Exposed Person)

Sanctions lists

Company engagements*

Beneficial owners*

Alternative beneficial owners

Credit decision person

Company search

Company information*

Board members*

Financial information*

Company activity

Company rating

Credit decision company

Signing combinations

Signatory text

Company group structure

Owner structure


AML Registry


Share facts

*Contains historical information in addition to current information.


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