CEO blog: The biggest challenge in customer data management

Newly appointed CEO at Roaring, Johan Jensen, shares his thoughts about his new role in the company, a pent-up market need and the biggest challenge in customer data management.


A new role

I couldn’t be more excited and proud to take on this new role as CEO of Roaring. Being one of the founders of the company, it felt like a natural decision to accept the role and continue to lead our team forward as we continue to grow rapidly. Most of all, I look forward to guiding the company towards creating more services and products that our customers love and derive great value from.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Pål Ljungberger for his tremendous work as CEO during these years. I’m very happy that he will remain in the company as the chairman of the board going forward.

Tremendous market potential

The business information industry is packed with potential. In the last few years we’ve seen an increasingly pent-up demand for data services that are accessible and easy to use, with cohesive data sets, quality and technical solutions across multiple markets. This is something we strive to achieve, as we’re scaling our product offering in the Nordic region and beyond.

One of our latest releases included a new API and webhook service to collect and monitor global PEP and RCA data, which adds to our global sanctions lists service. Global coverage of both PEP and sanctions list information marks a step further in the internationalization of Roaring as a brand and provider of data services, while meeting customer needs of international KYC data. Read more about the service here.

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The biggest challenge in CDM

Every business that requires high-quality customer data has a different use case. However, through a survey we conducted recently, we found a shared pain point among a lot of companies. More than 80% of respondents experience that the biggest challenge of customer data management today is “keeping customer data up to date”. Meaning, companies find that ensuring data quality over time, as customer information changes, systems are replaced or new integrations are made, is difficult to achieve and perfect.

As the need for high-quality data in smarter business decision-making, optimizing processes and creating new ones increases, this challenge is an interesting one to try and solve. We’ve put together a basic step-by-step guide on how you can get started, setting up a process of data quality assurance over time from a customer lifecycle perspective. Read the full article.


Best regards,

Johan Jensen, CEO