CEO blog: SEB investment a great token of credibility

SEB investment

We were immensely excited to announce a couple of weeks ago that SEB, who have been a customer of ours for quite some time, is now also an investor. We currently serve some of the leading brands in the Nordics, and the investment is a further token of legitimacy and credibility that our services meet the high standards of a large bank.

This type of industry collaboration is quite common when it comes to non-competitive infrastructure. An example is the investment that SEB made in fintech company Tink a few years ago. Similar to how Tink became the market standard for private account data, we hope to become the market standard for all relevant public data.

We are proud to be an independent fintech company, and our commitment to deliver high quality data services and work closely with all our partners across the Nordics, remains a top priority. Our offering will only strengthen for every new customer and partner we acquire. We are looking forward to welcoming new, exciting customers to join our revolution in the near future.

Read more in our full press release.

"Pål Ljungberger, CEO and Johan Jensen, COO of" - Credit:  Joel Sherwood/SEB

Personal data - A hot topic

Data protection remains a hot topic in our industry and rightly so. Breaches to GDPR requirements, with fines and sanctions handed out as a result, are becoming a huge problem for a lot of companies. We frequently get asked how to use personal data in digital registration or signup processes, where data collection and presentation is commonly used to improve customer experience.

For that particular reason, we put together an interview with Anna Lööv, founder and partner at Kompass Advokat, who specializes in data protection issues. Anna goes through the “do’s and don’ts” of using personal data in various customer-related processes, using personal data from a life-cycle perspective and some great pointers on how to ensure GDPR compliance. 

Check out the full interview, available here.

Driving business value through API's and webhooks

It’s always great to hear customers speak about their businesses, especially when they mention the value our services help them create. Lately, we’ve released three very intriguing case studies, including Nordnet, P:E Accounting and SEBx

As we work to create a new standard of collecting, verifying and monitoring customer data, it’s heartwarming to see these three companies, among others, using our services to create value through increased conversion rates, ensured regulatory compliance, improved customer experience or reduced administration. Providing great comfort in the quality of a customer-related process, while reducing manual labour and costs or increasing revenue is the true value of our services to many.

There has been a pent-up need for business information services that meet the requirements for security, reliability and compliance. We are therefore excited to develop our services further into the market together with our customers and partners.

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Best regards,

Pål Ljungberger, CEO