CEO blog: A recap of 2022

As 2022 nears its end, we did a check in with the CEO of Roaring, Johan Jensen, to get his thoughts on the year that’s passed. Here’s what he said:

As I look back on the year I am very happy with the growth that we've accomplished. Reaching new goals and setting new targets. Here I’ve taken the time to gather some of our highlights this year. Read more about them below.

New exciting market expansion to Spain

In June we expanded to our first market outside of the Nordics, into Europe and more specifically Spain. A super exciting step in the Roaring journey. We’ve already had the chance to meet and talk with some interesting new and potential customers and partners. And I look forward to 2023 to see how the Spanish market will continue to grow.

Released 8 new APIs

This year our developers worked like crazy producing 8 new APIs and tons of new API updates including new versions, endpoints etc.. They’ve also built and released our new, game changing APIs, Legal Information Company and Legal Information Person! These APIs enable you to check both individuals and companies to help ensure your risk, AML or KYC processes.

Grew the Roaring team with 11 new amazing colleagues!

And lastly a very exciting thing this year is that we’ve grown the Roaring team with 11 new amazing colleagues! Every department here at Roaring has gained at least one new colleague and it’s great to see how much of an impact that has had on the business this year!

With that summary I’m now looking forward to 2023 and all the things the new year has to offer!

Best regards,
Johan Jensen, CEO