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We are now offering Danish company and person data.

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Combining compliance and great customer experience!

Customer processes done right! All the APIs you need to retrieve and verify information about your customers. Roaring provides high data quality to secure your business, improve your customer flows and processes, and guarantee legal compliance.

Create a smooth, no-touch onboarding, digitize and automate power of attorney processes or collect and verify company information for AML purposes. The possibilities are endless!

How it all works

With digital and automated customer processes you can safely do business, while reducing churn and increasing customer satisfaction. Roaring helps you take the leap in your journey of digitization, towards new customers. All through quality data.

Check out our explainer video to learn how it all works!

API, Roaring Web and Monitoring

With modern tech and updated customer data we help businesses stay competitive and compliant. APIweb app, monitoring services – You choose. Always one account, three services and all the customer data you need.

Available data in Denmark (so far!):

  • Board Members
  • Beneficial Owner
  • PEP
  • Sanctions Lists
  • Company Information
  • KYC Questionnaire
  • Company Search
  • Signatory Right
  • Signing Combinations

Read more on our available data!

On-boarding, verification and review

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Developers first!

Roaring wants to make it fun for developers to use our services. We place great emphasis on simplicity, accessibility and comprehensibility, with awesome documentation and free sandbox environment for developers.

If you want to test our API services, you can be up and running in a few minutes. It is free to develop against our test environment for as long as you like, and when you are ready, you are just one click away from switching to our production environment.


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