Roaring Web

Check, verify and monitor your customer data

A leading platform in customer data management. Roaring Web provides you with the tools to stay compliant and competitive.

Every Piece Of Data You Need

As a Roaring Web user you get full access to all of our services and a wide array of customer data, to perform all your tasks with ease. You can also invite others to join you, with an unlimited number of users allowed in your account regardless of your plan.

Dive deeper into your customer data, perform KYC controls, monitor changes and receive notifications. All in Roaring Web.

Monitor and save time

Roaring Web's monitoring feature enables you to monitor changes in your customer data, receiving notifications through the app and via email when changes occur. This will help you keep your information up to date and accurate over time, reducing the need for manual labour.

Available data sets to monitor in Roaring Web includes Company Information, Signing Combinations, Board Members (including PEP & Sanctions lists), Beneficial Owner (including PEP & Sanctions lists) and many more.

“Roaring Web has made it easier for us to control our customers according to the requirements of the Money Laundering Act.”

Lars-Olof Eklund Auditor | Malma Revision AB

Company Information

Up-to-date information about organizations in the Nordics. With more than 50 sources of data in total, we provide you with all kinds of relevant and useful business information.

Our web app contains data such as a company’s beneficial owners, board members, ownership structure and establishments give you a great basis for decision-making and B2B relationship forming.

Person Information

With access to the full population registry, you can dive deeply into your customers – or potential customers - business engagements, personal details and relationships to improve and smoothen your process.

Perform AML-mandatory background checks, including PEP and Sanctions screening. Everything you need is at your disposal in the Roaring Web App.


Having all you need in one place seems to make life a bit easier.

That’s why we have gathered everything in our web application, including our Roaring Web service for manual search and data collection, an easy setup of monitoring webhooks, account settings and user restrictions, as well as our developer platform.