Roaring Web App

Check, verify & monitor your customer data

A platform to collect and verify customer data, create reports and monitor changes.

Every piece of information
you need on your customers

Perform your customer-related tasks with ease. Collect, verify and monitor crucial data in the Roaring Web App.

Discover some of our web app data.

  • Find and collect basic company details such as address, status etc.
  • All you need to know about an individual including relations and guardianship.
  • Validate signatories and strengthen your signing process.
  • Screen prospects and customers against PEP and sanctions lists globally.
  • See current and historical board members to identify potential risk.
  • Find and screen registered beneficial owners across the Nordics.

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“Roaring Web App has helped us save a lot of time in our KYC process, especially when it comes to screenings.”

Tomas Andersson

Realtor & Partner | Brokr

High-quality customer data

Crucial business information with Nordic(+) coverage.

Company data

Our company data available in the web app includes:

  • Basic information such as id, name, address and status
  • Company financials, annual report data and KPIs
  • Beneficial owners & Board members
  • Owner & Group structure
  • Signatories & Valid combinations
our data

All the customer you need. In one place.

Having everything you need in one place makes your work-life a lot easier.

That’s why we gathered high-quality customer data in our web app interface. Search for companies and individuals, collect the data you need, save the report and then monitor any changes.

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