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The market's best service for verifying, checking and creating customer knowledge (KYC) about your new and existing customers.

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Easy and quick customer knowledge

Compliance has never been easier.

Now you can easily get customer knowledge when you start a new business relationship. Check the necessary information about people and companies including Beneficial owner, PEP and Sanction lists.

Create a KYC report quickly and easily.


Information about all companies

Easily search for a company and get information about who signs the company, sits on the board or who is behind the company. Are you covered by the Money Laundering Act (AML)? We have what you need to create a good customer knowledge.

All this and much more you can easily access in the Roaring Web.

Overview of Roaring Web Company
Overview of Roaring Web Person

* Requires permit


Information about all persons

Get access to all people* registered in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Get information about which company engagement a person has or in which company the person is registered as beneficial owner. You will also see if the person is a politically exposed person (PEP) or is on a sanction list.

All of this you get quick access to in the Roaring Web.

“I work as auditor in owner-managed limited liability companies with daily customer contact. Roaring Web has, in a good way, made it easier for us to control our customers according to the requirements of the Money Laundering Act.”

Lars-Olof Eklund Auktoriserad Revisor | Malma Revision AB


Select from a wide array of services.

In Roaring Web you’ll find a large amount of business information connected to a person or a company. We have everything from population register information, signatory information and services used for KYC controls and much more.

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