Way Better!


With Roarings Right to Sign service you can easily check if a person has the right to sign and enter into contracts on behalf of a company and get the verified answer delivered directly into your current systems. Roaring’s Right to Sign service is the best on the Swedish market, covering 99% of all businesses in Sweden.

Current onboarding solutions for B2C-customers are swift and secure for the customer if you select the right tool for the job. On the other hand, very few offer the same smooth onboarding experience for B2B customers.

When entering into a new contract or business relationship today, there is usually a manual verification to check that the person has the right to enter into agreements on behalf of a company. Of course, this process is both time consuming, error prone and very ineffective.

There are huge rewards to be reap for those that can automate the on boarding process of B2B customers. With an automated Right to Sign check you can offer your customers a faster, safer and more pleasant way of becoming a customer. Furthermore, it’s not only the customer who reaps the rewards, even on your end the gains can be huge. You can rest assured that you are entering into agreements with correct and updated (real time) information and are avoiding mistakes and erroneous information.

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