Travel Policy


Our goal and purpose of this travel policy is for all employees at Roaring to travel safely and climate-smart. By managing and planning our trips in a more efficient way, we can both reduce costs and climate impact. We also want to inspire to travel more climate-smart outside office hours.

Traveling in the service

Travel to and from work

1. Choose your legs or the bike firstly.
2. Choose public transport secondly.
3. Is bike, public transport or working from home not an option? Carpool!

Travel to meetings & events

1. Can you do the meeting via link/phone? Choose that in the first place!
2. Is it walking distance? Walk or take the bike! We have a shower in the office and bicycle stands.
3. Thirdly, choose public transport: Train, subway or bus.
4. Is the meeting place inaccessible without taking a car? Carpool!
5. For longer trips within Sweden, we primarily choose the train and secondly the bus.
6. As far as possible, we avoid flights. If we have to go by plane, the entire trip is climate compensated. All flights must be approved by a manager.

When traveling by car- Drive smart!

1. Avoid all trips under three kilometers
2. Keep speed limits
3. Regular service of the car
4. Test the pressure in the tires
5. Drive on high gear and switch up as early as possible
6. Engine brake


  • Helmet should be used for bicycle trips
  • Head restraints, three-point belts and airbags should be available during car trips


Thanks to BreakIt for inspiring this travel policy!

More tips on how to drive climate-smart here!