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Customer Data Management

Roaring offers services for automation and digitalisation of your customer data management.
We provide our services through API:s, as a web service and as plugins.

Our Services Drives Business


Roaring Drives Business Growth With Quality Data

Roaring deliver quality data from secure sources such as Tax Authorities, National Companies Registration Offices and Credit Information Companies. All routines concerning the data are high security and comply with applicable national legislation.
Over 20% of all data for people and companies change over the course of a year. With our services you’ll always have access to updated and accurate company and personal information. Digital, automated customer processes are safer and faster than manual routines and enable more business and more satisfied customers.

Digital Transformation Changes All Business Markets Rapidly

All companies that want to be competitive need to digitize and streamline their customer processes. To offer customers fast, efficient and good service gives you a great competitive advantage. Effective customer processes also reduce administrative costs.Our services enable automation and digitization of customer registration, know your customer controls, updated customer data and much more.

Digital transformation
Roaring för utvecklare

Developers First

Roaring wants to make it fun for developers to use our services. We place great emphasis on simplicity, accessibility and comprehensibility. Documentation and Sandbox for developers should be awesome. If you want to test our API services, you can be up and running in a few minutes. It is free to develop against our test environment and it’s easy to switch to our production environment.

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