SPAR discontinues xsd schemas

SPAR discontinues xsd schemas - But Roaring stays one step ahead 

SPAR (“the Swedish state personal address register”) discontinues older schema versions (XML description of data model for SPAR’s API based on SOAP). Initially this was supposed to be completed 2023-01-01, but has since then been pushed forward to 2023-02-28. 

Roaring has implemented a new service and adapted the previous one.

  1. Roaring has completed implementing Population Registry version 2.0

Roaring has developed Population Registry version 2.0, a service that allows you to search for individuals. This service maps and works with SPAR’s latest update. We recommend users of the previous version (Population Registry version 1.0) to switch to the latest one. The latest version contains new attributes with modern information that is missing in the older version.

  1. Existing Roaring users do not need to worry

Roaring has mapped the existing model for Population Registry 1.0 based on SPAR’s latest update. This gives users the opportunity to continue using this integration until they are ready to switch to 2.0 or further notice.

  1. Those who are currently in the process of integrating to SPAR's latest update should take the opportunity to test Roaring’s API

Many users and developers are now working on rebuilding existing integration using SOAP. This poses several challenges, such as using old technology or having to lift the lid of old systems.

If you experience issues with the technology, our API may be the better choice, as it is based on a simpler and more modern technology. Create a free account in Roaring Web and check out our API documentation.