Sopra Steria introduces Roaring to Business Central

IT and digital transformation specialists Sopra Steria are now releasing their first innovative integration, with Roarings API services being incorporated into Microsofts 365 Business Central. Earlier this year, Roaring and Sopra Steria formed a partnership to provide customers with new ways of using APIs for data collection, verification, updates and monitoring. The partnership has now come to fruition as Sopra Steria are announcing a release of Roarings services in a Business Central application.

"With Sopra Sterias Roaring Application for Business Central, addresses and company information can be automatically updated for both customers and suppliers, all through the simple click of a button. This provides a great opportunity to create new customers or suppliers in the system with correct information from the start, as well as keeping that information up to date over time." Says Jan Forsberg, Solution Architect at Sopra Steria.

The application is a built-in extension of Business Central and is configurable, so that you can decide for yourself which fields of data you want to update. Most of the data provided by Roaring in the Company Information API will be available in the app to start with. Features to come include creating a customer and/or supplier automatically through a company search, automated bulk updates of company information and performing company credit ratings, to name a few.

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