Signing combinations: The giant leap in B2B e-commerce


During the past decade, we’ve been completely digitized in our purchasing behaviour.  We expect instant access to all offerings and services, and B2C vendors have become proficient in meeting these expectations. However, when we act on behalf of the company we work for, things look very different. We have to deal with dull registration forms, manual processes and a lot of waiting before getting access to the services we ordered. 

Does it have to be this way? How will it affect your B2B market penetration when the first competitor offers a fully automated on-boarding process to your customers? With our service, signing combinations, you can effectively digitize and automate on-boarding of your B2B customers!

The companies that offer a smooth digital bidding and contracting process for the B2B segment will generate a solid increase in their conversion rates in customer acquisition. Most of us tune out due to static order forms, irrelevant UX or prolonged delays – these wrinkles are straightened out through the use of Roaring’s API services.

First mover advantage – if your business is among the first to provide an automated and digital on-boarding to the corporate segment, you will secure a major competitive advantage.

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