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Signatory Right

Check if a person has Signatory Right in a company

Signatory Rights

Signatory Right

See who has the right to sign for a company

For a contract to be legally sustainable, a company signatory has to sign the agreement. There may be an almost infinite number of combinations of signatories for a company.

We have developed three services to solve the problems that comes with identifying and verifying the correct signatories, i.e. finding out which people and constellations that are allowed to sign for a company.

Signing Combinations

The Signing Combinations Service provides answers to which combinations of individuals, individually or in combination, have the right to sign the company.

The service is used to automate the verification that the right people are entitled to sign a company at a given time. Examples of applications are when signing agreements, creating accounts or automated customer registrations.

The service is available in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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Common use-cases:

  • Digitize onboarding for company customers.
  • Automate contract signing.
  • Digital customer registration of companies.


A corporate board consists of three people who can sign for the company in three different constellations. Then we will present it according to the following model.

The company is signed alone




The company is signed by the board

The company is signed two in association of

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Common areas of usage

  • Digitizing onboarding processes
  • Automating signing processes
  • Digitizing customer registrations

Signatory Rights

Signatory Rights automatically answers if a person is entitled to sign a company by himself.

The API is used to automate customer registration and make sure that you enter into binding agreements with the correct company signatory. Simplifies the ability to enter B2B services through the Internet and mobile. The response will show if a person can sign a company himself, in association with others or not at all.

  • Organization Number: 556593563
  • Change date: 2018-02-10
  • Personal number: 196904100478
  • Right to sign company: True
  • Right to sign company text: The person has the individual signatory right

The service is available in Sweden.

Signatory Text

Signatory text contains the complete signatory text from the National Companies Registration Office. The API is often used to check who has the right to sign before entering an agreement with a customer or supplier.

  • Change date: 2018-03-10
  • Organization Number: 556562-8972
  • Company Key Text: The Company is signed by the Board. The company is solely signed by Svensson Patrik Johan

The service is available in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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Common use-cases:

  • Company Signs List
  • Agreement Control

Brief on company signatory

GOOD TO KNOW! It must always be clear whether a person can sign independently or if several people needs to sign a company.

Here are some rules;

The company is signed by the board.

The entire board (all board members) always have the right to represent the company as a joint company signatory. This is declared as "the company is signed by the board" and means that all members of the board together must sign.

The Executive Director's right to sign.

If the company has an executive director, this person will be entitled to sign in the company's name regarding activities required in the regular operations.

An alternate may replace an ordinary member.

An alternate member may replace a regular member of the board and sign in his place if, e.g. the member resigns, expires, dies, sickness, loses his right to sign or other absence.

Special company signatories.

The board may also designate one or more individuals to independently or jointly sign for the company. This may be people inside or outside the board. These persons are called special company signatories.

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Exeample response Signing Combinations:

  "companyId": "5565002465",
  "changeDate": "2018-06-10",
  "coverage": "complete",
  "adminSign": null,
  "combinations": [
        "name": "Efternamn2609, Helga Viktoria",
        "positions": [
            "roleCode": 5,
            "roleName": "Ledamot"
        "personalNumber": "192907304766",
        "anomalies": null
        "name": "Efternamn2401, Petra",
        "positions": [
            "roleCode": 10,
            "roleName": "Suppleant"
        "personalNumber": "196805029268",
        "anomalies": null