Company Rating

Company rating

Automate your B2B credit assessment process to improve customer experience and reduce risk

  • Credit rating and limit recommendation
  • Enhance your customer onboarding process
  • Remove manual assessments to save time
company credit rating

Use cases

Find out how financially solid your prospects, clients, partners or suppliers are.
company rating api

Risk assessment

Streamline your risk assessment process and automatically eliminate prospects who are considered high-risk.

With our API you can automate time-consuming, manual risk evaluations!

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Due Diligence

Conduct extensive background checks and due diligence processes.

Make sure you know all about the company you are looking to engage in a relationship with.

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Credit Applications

Automate credit applications for corporate loans or your customer onboarding process.

Improving your customer journeys, while saving your admin team a lot of headache and time.


Company rating is available to use in the following Roaring products:

Technical details

Company rating and credit limits


The scoring model has an assessment scale of 1-100, divided into five risk intervals, where each increased score (points) means a reduced risk. The rating forecasts the probability of insolvency within 12 months.

Rating interval Category
80 – 100 Very low risk
60 – 79 Low risk
40 – 59 Medium risk
15 – 39 High risk
1 – 14 Very high risk



The limit is a benchmark that calculates the total outstanding credit amount that a company may have outstanding to all suppliers at one time. The limit is calculated on the basis of the company's turnover depending on the rating interval.

80-100 – limit is max 6 % of the turnover.
60-79 – limit is max 5 % of the turnover.
40-59 – limit is max 4 % of the turnover.
15-39  - limit is max 0,4 % of the turnover.

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Example response:

  "commentary": "",
  "companyId": "5565002465",
  "creditLimit": 225000,
  "currency": "sek",
  "rating": 65,
  "ratingText": "Low risk",
  "riskPrognosis": "0,1182",
  "status": {
    "code": 0,
    "text": "rating found"

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