Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

Check PEP lists to ensure AML compliance, avoid risk, and conduct risk assessments.

  • Reduce risk of money laundering and ensure AML compliance
  • Enhance your KYC screenings & assessments with PEP data
  • Save time, reduce costs and avoid risk of human errors

Use cases

Use our PEP service to collect, verify and monitor important KYC data.
PEP api

AML Compliance

Conduct compliant KYC screenings using up-to-date data from Nordic PEP lists.

Automate your PEP check process and get comfortable knowing your data is correct.

PEP list check

Risk assessment

Save time conducting background checks and due diligence, and make sure your business relationships are risk-free.

No more time-consuming manual lookups or risk of costly human errors.

PEP politically exposed person

Customer onboarding

Don't ask your customers or prospects wether they're PEP or not!

Use our services to automate data collection and verification, monitor changes and improve your customer journeys.


PEP & RCA data is available in the following Roaring products:

Technical details

PEP & RCA data through a developer-friendly API and webhook

This service shows if an individual is a so called Politically Exposed Person (PEP), or a relative or close associate (RCA) of a PEP. We offer verification against the most comprehensive and up-to-date PEP list in the Nordic region (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland).

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) are seen as "high-risk" by financial institutions due to their potential to be exposed to bribery and corruption attempts. Financial institutions are not forbidden to open accounts for PEPs. However AML regulators have strict regulations and process requirements on financial institutions, to detect PEPs due to the risks involved.

Roaring provides real-time access to PEP and RCA data on a Nordic or Global level. Our services lets you incorporate PEP data into your own process flow and gives a robust and effective way to mitigate initial risk, while ensuring compliance.

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Example response:

  "birthDate": "1929-08-18",
  "gender": "Female",
  "imageLink": "https://image.freepik.com/free-icon/protected-person-of-secret-service_318-64589.jpg",
  "names": [
      "firstName": "Karin",
      "lastName": "Bananberg",
      "nameType": "Primary name",
      "nameTypeId": 3
      "firstName": "Karin Margareta",
      "lastName": "Bananberg",
      "nameType": "National registry name",
      "nameTypeId": 4
  "pep": true,
  "pepCountries": [
  "personId": 55001,
  "rca": true,
  "relations": [
      "relationPersonId": 55000,
      "relationType": "Partner",
      "relationTypeId": 6
      "relationPersonId": 55002,
      "relationType": "Daughter-in-law",
      "relationTypeId": 9
      "relationPersonId": 55003,
      "relationType": "Son",
      "relationTypeId": 7
  "roles": [
      "active": false,
      "baseRoleCategoryId": 7,
      "baseRoleCategoryName": "High officers",
      "countryOfJurisdiction": "SWE",
      "detailedRoleCategoryId": 38,
      "detailedRoleCategoryName": "Rear Admiral",
      "roleDescription": "Specialattaché EU, Sveriges Försvarsmakt"
  "ssns": [
      "currentSsn": "192908187541",
      "ssnType": "SwePersonalNumber",
      "ssnTypeId": 1

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