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Financial InformationNEW VERSION! 

Financial Information

Displays a company’s financial statements and key figures

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Financial Information

We provide two options for the Financial Information API. One with the most important figures from the latest annual report and an extended version which contains financial statements and financial ratios for the five last years, in order to get a good picture of the company's financial position. It is frequently used as a basis for decision making, especially when initiating a new relationship with customers, partners or suppliers.

Analysis of mentioned parties can be a crucial element in creating long-term sustainable business together. Your own business depends on the financial position and key figures of these companies to determine solvency, stability and price efficiency. Therefore, financial information is perfect to include in a customer onboarding flow, simplifying your data collection and verification. With Roaring APIs, you can integrate this into your existing systems, for a no touch experience without manual handling!

Available Countries

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Available via

Roaring API

Roaring Web


Common use-cases

  • Business Decisions
  • Economy check
  • Prospecting


Examples of financial information included in the answer:

  • Company id
  • Share capital
  • Number of employees
  • Total sales/turnover
  • Income per employee (KSEK)
  • Operating result
  • Profit & Loss statement
  • Total capital
  • Total assets
  • Cash and bank balances
  • Cash liquidity (%)
  • Net margin (%)

Balance sheet



Profit & Loss statement






Other financial information



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Example response:

  "companyId": "5565002000",
  "changeDate": "2016-12-10",
  "bsShareCapital": "100",
  "nbrOfEmployees": "0",
  "nbrOfEmployeesInterval": "0 anställda",
  "nbrOfEmployeesOfficeInterval": "Okänt antal kontorsanställda",
  "netTurnover": "0",
  "turnoverPerEmployee": "0",
  "plOperatingProfit": "-7",
  "plProfitLossAfterFinItems": "-7",
  "plNetIncome": "-7",
  "bsTotalEquity": "121",
  "bsTotalAssets": "127",
  "bsCashAndBankBalances": "41",
  "kpiSolidityPercent": "95.3",
  "kpiQuickRatioPercent": "2116.7",
  "kpiNetMarginPercent": "0"

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