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Financial Information

Displays a company’s financial statements and key figures

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Financial Information

We provide 2 options for the Financial Information service. One with the most important figures from the latest annual report and an extended version which contains financial statements and financial ratios for the 5 last years so that you get a good picture of the company's financial position. It is frequently used to make decisions if you should engage in a business relationship with a customer or supplier.


Examples of financial statements and key figures included.

  • Company identity number
  • Change Date
  • Share
  • Number of employees
  • Number of employees, Intervals
  • Number of employees, Offices
  • Total sales
  • Total Sales, Interval
  • Turnover per employee (KSEK)
  • Operating profit
  • Profit after financial items
  • Result for the year
  • Total equity
  • Total assets
  • Cash and bank balances
  • Solidity (%)
  • Cash Liquidity (%)
  • Net margin (%)
Finansiell information

Common use-cases:

  • Business Decisions
  • Economy check
  • Prospecting
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Example respons

  "companyId": "5565002000",
  "changeDate": "2016-12-10",
  "bsShareCapital": "100",
  "nbrOfEmployees": "0",
  "nbrOfEmployeesInterval": "0 anställda",
  "nbrOfEmployeesOfficeInterval": "Okänt antal kontorsanställda",
  "netTurnover": "0",
  "turnoverPerEmployee": "0",
  "plOperatingProfit": "-7",
  "plProfitLossAfterFinItems": "-7",
  "plNetIncome": "-7",
  "bsTotalEquity": "121",
  "bsTotalAssets": "127",
  "bsCashAndBankBalances": "41",
  "kpiSolidityPercent": "95.3",
  "kpiQuickRatioPercent": "2116.7",
  "kpiNetMarginPercent": "0"