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Credit decision person

Automated credit decisions if the person is to be granted a loan, credit or invoice.

Roaring Kreditbeslut Ikon

Credit decision person is used to make automated credit decisions for individuals. Fast credit checks and automated responses on credit decisions, based on unique credit templates where you choose the parameters.


Decisions are based on templates. Choose a standard one or create your own.

Standard template

To generate an approved credit decision, the following criterias must be met:

  • Age of individual equal to or higher than 18 years
  • No payment defaults
  • No outstanding debt
  • No ongoing debt restructuring
  • No seizure attempts
  • Individual not under trusteeship
  • No personal bankruptcy registered

Correct name and adress are always returned.

Benefits of templates
  • Faster and automated credit check
  • Clear and consistent results in credit decisions
  • Reduce of manual handling and assessment
kreditbeslut person

Common areas of use

  • Automation of manual processes
  • Automation of credit decisions
  • Simplifying credit management
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Example response

    "personalNumber": "193701308888",
    "firstName": "Christina Birgitta Ulrika",
    "givenName": "Birgitta",
    "lastName": "Efternamn3542",
    "statusCode": "1",
    "statusText": "Approved",
    "rejections": [],
    "coAddress": "",
    "registeredAddress": "Gatan142 8",
    "address": "Gatan142 8",
    "zipCode": "11146",
    "town": "STOCKHOLM"