Credit Decision Company

Credit decision company

Automate your B2B credit assessment and decision process to improve customer experience and reduce risk

  • Get an instant, automated decision
  • Reduce the risks of your business relationships
  • Enhances your B2B customer onboarding process
credit decision company

Use cases

Automated credit decisions to enhance customer onboarding and risk assessment processes.
credit decision company api

Risk assessment

Streamline your risk assessment process and automatically eliminate prospects who are considered high-risk.

With our API you can automate time-consuming, manual risk and credit evaluations!

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Credit Applications

Automate credit applications for corporate loans or your customer onboarding process.

Improving your customer journeys, while saving your admin team a lot of headache and time.


Credit decision company is available to use in the following Roaring products:

Technical details

Credit decisions for companies based on pre-built templates. All through a developer-friendly API.

Through this service, you get an automated answer whether to grant a credit or not. Often, a well-proven standard template for companies is used. Customers can get a unique credit template with the custom parameters and rules to be included in the decision.


Standard template for companies

To generate a YES in the credit template, the following criteria must be met:

  • The age of the company is over or equal to 18 months
  • No payment notes
  • No claims for payment within the last 12 months
  • No distraints have been made
  • No debt balance
  • Is registered for tax

Correct name and address details are always returned

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Example response:

  "companyId": "6805029268",
  "rejections": [
      "causeOfReject": "S354",
      "rejectComment": "",
      "rejectText": "Delisted due to fusion with foreign company"
  "statusCode": "2",
  "statusText": "Not Approved"

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