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Credit Decision Company 🇸🇪

Credit Decision Company

Automated credit decisions if the company is to be granted a loan, credit or invoice.

Roaring Kreditbeslut Ikon

Credit Decision for Companies

With the service Credit Decision Company you get an automatic answer whether to grant a credit or not. Often, a well-proven standard template for companies is used. Customers can get a unique credit template with the custom parameters and rules to be included in the decision.


Automated credit decisions using credit templates.

Standard template for companies

To generate a YES in the credit template, the following criteria must be met:

  • The age of the company over or equal to 18 months
  • No payment notes
  • No claims for payment within the last 12 months
  • No distraints have been made
  • No debt balanse
  • Is registered for F-tax

Correct name and address details are always returned

Ikon för Kreditbeslut företag

Some common use cases

  • Automate your business decisions.
  • Automate Credit Decisions B2B
  • Simplifies credit management.
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For Developers

Documentation: docs.roaring.io

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Example response

  "zipCode": "45534",
  "companyId": "5565002000",
  "rejections": [],
  "address": "Storgatan 20",
  "town": "MUNKEDAL",
  "statusText": "Approved",
  "statusCode": "1"