Company Information

Company Information

Basic business information such as company name, address, status and tax information.

Company Information

The service Company Information gives you a good overview about a company and includes contact and address information, company form, status, tax registration, number of employees and name of the CEO.

This API is used to retrieve accurate and up-to-date information details about customers and suppliers at the registration moment. It is also used by many to make sure that customers and suppliers are registered for tax.

In Sweden alone, 180,000 companies and workplaces change address information every year. Keep your customer register updated with Roaring Monitoring, and you will ensure that you always have updated customer information and good data quality.

company information

Common use-cases:

  • AML & KYC
  • Due Diligence
  • B2B customer onboarding
  • Customer prospecting






Company ID

Company Name

Registration Date



Legal Form


Phone Number

Tax Registration

Number of Employees

Registration Date

Example response:

  "companyId": "5565002000",
  "changeDate": "2016-12-10",
  "statusCode": "100",
  "statusTextHigh": "Aktivt",
  "statusTextDetailed": "Aktivt",
  "statusDateFrom": "20130401",
  "companyName": "Företagsnamn Aktiebolag",
  "severalCompanyName": false,
  "address": "Stora Badhusgatan 28 A",
  "zipCode": "41121",
  "town": "GÖTEBORG",
  "commune": "GÖTEBORG",
  "county": "VÄSTRA GÖTALAND",
  "phoneNumber": "031-123123",
  "legalGroupCode": "AB",
  "legalGroupText": "Privat aktiebolag",
  "preliminaryTaxReg": "0",
  "companyRegistrationDate": "1994-12-12",
  "industryCode": "00009",
  "industryText": "Huvudnäring okänd",
  "numberEmployees": "0"

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