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Company information

Make smarter decisions with clean and accurate data. All the time.

  • Make sure you have the right data, at the right time
  • Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks
  • Allow B2B prospects to onboard or checkout swiftly
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Use cases

Use our API, webhook and web app to collect, update and monitor basic company details.
company information

Customer onboarding & Checkout

Provide a smooth onboarding process for your B2B prospects and customers.

Check data and pre-populate fields like company name, address and status automatically.

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Data cleansing

Having the right data at the right time is crucial in todays world.

Avoid bad data caused by costly human errors, misspellings or analog forms with our API.

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Get hold of the right prospects for your business and ICP.

Our data contains the status, number of employees, location, industry etc, of all Nordic and Spanish companies.


Company information is available to use in the following Roaring products:

Technical details

Collect, verify and monitor basic business information

The service contains current and historical business information such as company name, address, status, number of employees, industry and tax information.

The historical endpoint, means you can see changes that have occurred over time like new addresses, top directors, updated number of employees etc. This is often a good indicator of potential risk in business relations.

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Example response:

  "records": [
      "address": "Hededalsvägen 20",
      "changeDate": "2016-12-10",
      "commune": "MUNKEDAL",
      "companyId": "5564866803",
      "companyName": "Aronfors Bygg och Teknik Aktiebolag",
      "companyRegistrationDate": "19940425",
      "county": "VÄSTRA GÖTALAND",
      "employerContributionReg": true,
      "employerContributionRegDate": "19940101",
      "industryCode": "41200",
      "industryText": "Entreprenörer för bostadshus och andra byggnader",
      "legalGroupCode": "AB",
      "legalGroupText": "Privat aktiebolag",
      "numberCompanyUnits": 1,
      "numberEmployeesInterval": "1-4 anställda",
      "phoneNumber": "0524-12500",
      "preliminaryTaxReg": true,
      "preliminaryTaxRegDate": "19940101",
      "severalCompanyName": false,
      "statusCode": "100",
      "statusDateFrom": "19940425",
      "statusTextDetailed": "Aktivt",
      "statusTextHigh": "Aktivt",
      "topDirectorFunction": "Verkställande direktör",
      "topDirectorName": "Nils-Eric Forslund",
      "town": "MUNKEDAL",
      "vatReg": true,
      "vatRegDate": "1994-01",
      "visitAddress": "Hededalsvägen 20",
      "visitCommune": "MUNKEDAL",
      "visitCounty": "VÄSTRA GÖTALAND",
      "visitStreet": "Hededalsvägen",
      "visitTown": "Munkedal",
      "visitZipCode": "45534",
      "zipCode": "45534"
  "status": {
    "code": 0,
    "text": "records found"

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