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Company Information

Basic business information such as address, status and tax information

Company Information

The service Company Information gives you a good overview about a company and includes contact and address information, company form, status, tax registration, number of employees and name of the CEO.

This API is used to retrieve accurate and up-to-date information details about customers and suppliers at the registration moment. It is also used by many to make sure that customers and suppliers are registered for tax.


Overview Information
  • Organization Number: 556123-4567
  • Company Name: Roaring Apps AB
  • Other company names: A mark if a company has multiple company names
  • Legal form: Privat aktiebolag
  • Management excecutive: First Name Last Name
  • Position: Chief Executive Officer
  • Number of employees: Indicates the number of employees
Business Information
  • Registration Date: Date of Registration
  • Status: For example, the company is active
  • Status Date: From which date the company is listed as active
  • Corporate tax: Marking if the company is registered for F-tax
  • Employer: Marking if the company is registered as an employer
  • VAT: Mark if the company is registered for VAT
  • Industry: SNI code
  • Number of workplaces: Indicates how many geographical workplaces the company has
Mailing address
  • Address: Box 3135
  • Zip code: 18103
  • Postal address: LIDINGÖ
  • Municipality: LIDINGÖ
  • County: STOCKHOLM
Visiting address
  • Visiting address: Jakobs Torg 3
  • Zip code: 111 52
  • Postal address: Stockholm
  • Municipality: STOCKHOLM
  • County: STOCKHOLM

You will have access to updated personal information. Below is an extract of information included in the answer.

  • Full name: First name, Surname and surname
  • Personal identity number or co-ordination number
  • Status: Deceased, emigrated, confidential
  • National registry commune and county
  • Coordination number: For persons who are not registered in Norway
  • Registered address
  • Special postal address: Other address than the one I am registered with.
  • C/o address:
  • Geographical codes: District. County, Commune and Assembly codes
  • Gender: Indicate what gender the person has

Information to organizations with special permission
  • Birth county
  • Citizenship
  • Relation such as husband/wife/ guardian

Common use-cases:

  • Customer registration
  • Customer check
  • Registry update

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Example response swedish company

  "companyId": "5565002000",
  "changeDate": "2016-12-10",
  "statusCode": "100",
  "statusTextHigh": "Aktivt",
  "statusTextDetailed": "Aktivt",
  "statusDateFrom": "20130401",
  "companyName": "Företagsnamn Aktiebolag",
  "severalCompanyName": false,
  "address": "Stora Badhusgatan 28 A",
  "zipCode": "41121",
  "town": "GÖTEBORG",
  "commune": "GÖTEBORG",
  "county": "VÄSTRA GÖTALAND",
  "phoneNumber": "031-123123",
  "legalGroupCode": "AB",
  "legalGroupText": "Privat aktiebolag",
  "preliminaryTaxReg": "0",
  "companyRegistrationDate": "1994-12-12",
  "industryCode": "00009",
  "industryText": "Huvudnäring okänd",
  "numberEmployees": "0"