Company Group Structure

Company Group Structure

A clear view of ownership and group structure.
In one web app click or API call.

  • Conduct extensive due diligence and KYC screenings
  • Deep dive into a company's ownership and group structure
  • Find prospects or good-fit companies in a group
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Use cases

Use our services to get a full overview of a company group structure.
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Find new business opportunities within groups, by seeing a complete overview of a group structure.

With our services you can easily keep track of group ownership and relationships, and identify new prospects and leads within the group.

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Compliance & Risk

Minimize the risk of fraud, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our API enables an automated process to control groupp structures and ownerships of companies within a group.

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Due Diligence

Save time conducting background checks and due diligence and make sure your business relationship is solid.

No more manual lookups using multiple tools and sources!


Company group structure is available to use in the following Roaring products:

Technical details

Company group structure data through API, web app or webhook

The service lists all companies that are part of a group and its ownership relationships. It shows the parent company and subsidiaries, as well as the percentage the companies own in each other, in a "tree" formation.

The services lets you deep dive into a group structure, seeing relations between different companies in the group and its ownership. You can also use our webhooks to monitor changes to the group structure of a company over time, receiving notifications when changes occur.

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Example response:

    "companyId": "5562121212",
    "timestamp": 1565481600,
    "companyName": "Company AB",
    "countryCode": "SE",
    "latestChangeDate": "20190808",
    "status": {
        "code": 0,
        "text": "Group structure exists"
    "groupCompanies": [
            "companyId": "5562121213",
            "companyName": "Company 2 AB",
            "motherCompanyId": "5562121212",
            "ownedPercentage": 100,
            "countryCode": "SE",
            "companyLevel": 1
            "companyId": "5562121214",
            "companyName": "Company 3 AB",
            "motherCompanyId": "5562121212",
            "ownedPercentage": 100,
            "countryCode": "SE",
            "companyLevel": 1

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