Board Members

Board Members

Contains information about the companies executives such as the Board, CEO and auditors

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Board Members

Contains information about the company's executives such as the Board, CEO and auditors. By gathering information about a company's board, you can easily get information about who has the right to sign for a company and thus secure your business. In addition, the data about the board can be used to create a smoother onboarding flow for new customers, partners and suppliers. In other words: less churn, less risk and more business!

Available Countries

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Common use-cases

  • Digitize onboarding for company customers.
  • Find a company board and CEO.
  • Displays a company's current Board and check the persons against PEP and Sanctions lists.


Company ID


From date

Social Security Number

Date of birth

Postal address


Country of residence

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Example response:

  "companyId": "5565002465",
  "changeDate": "2016-12-10",
  "boardMembers": [
      "boardMemberCompanyId": "2907304766",
      "personalNumber": "192907304766",
      "firstName": "Helga Viktoria",
      "surName": "Efternamn2609",
      "roleCode": "5",
      "roleName": "Ledamot",
      "fromDate": "1994-12-12"
      "boardMemberCompanyId": "6805029268",
      "personalNumber": "196805029268",
      "firstName": "Petra",
      "surName": "Efternamn2401",
      "roleCode": "10",
      "roleName": "Suppleant",
      "fromDate": "2003-11-01"
      "boardMemberCompanyId": "4812161596",
      "personalNumber": "194812161596",
      "firstName": "Nils Uno",
      "givenName": "Uno",
      "surName": "Efternamn1433",
      "roleCode": "5",
      "roleName": "Ledamot",
      "fromDate": "2003-11-01"
      "boardMemberCompanyId": "7904182396",
      "personalNumber": "197904182396",
      "firstName": "Kuno",
      "surName": "Efternamn2993",
      "roleCode": "5",
      "roleName": "Ledamot",
      "fromDate": "2003-11-01"

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