Board Members + history

Board members

Collect and monitor information on company representatives to mitigate risk and ensure compliance

  • Swift KYC screenings and AML compliance
  • Conduct solid due diligence processes
  • See changes historically to assess todays risk
board members api

Use cases

Use our API, webhook and web app to check, verify and monitor board members information.
board members api

KYC & AML Compliance

Conduct screenings of company representatives in a swift manner.

Use up-to-date information about board members to comply with regulations.

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Due diligence

Dive deep into the data before engaging in business transactions or agreements with unknown companies.

Making your due diligence process rock solid.

company board members check

Risk mitigation

With historical data, you can see changes over time in the board, including the CEO and auditor.

Use it to find patterns and mitigate risk in your business relationships.


Board members data is available to use in the following Roaring products:

Technical details

Save time and reduce risk by automatically screening and monitoring board members

Find out who the board members are, including the CEO and auditor, to conduct screenings on company representatives.

By using our board members services, you can easily find out who previous and current representatives are and check their business credentials. This is ideal in processes such as due diligence (mergers, agreements, acquisitions etc.), KYC & AML screenings and compliance, and risk assessments.

In specific countries there is a separate endpoint containing historical changes. See the full response list below to find out more, or read the documentation.

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Example response:

  "companyId": "5565002465",
  "changeDate": "2016-12-10",
  "boardMembers": [
      "boardMemberCompanyId": "2907304766",
      "personalNumber": "192907304766",
      "firstName": "Helga Viktoria",
      "surName": "Efternamn2609",
      "roleCode": "5",
      "roleName": "Ledamot",
      "fromDate": "1994-12-12"
      "boardMemberCompanyId": "6805029268",
      "personalNumber": "196805029268",
      "firstName": "Petra",
      "surName": "Efternamn2401",
      "roleCode": "10",
      "roleName": "Suppleant",
      "fromDate": "2003-11-01"
      "boardMemberCompanyId": "4812161596",
      "personalNumber": "194812161596",
      "firstName": "Nils Uno",
      "givenName": "Uno",
      "surName": "Efternamn1433",
      "roleCode": "5",
      "roleName": "Ledamot",
      "fromDate": "2003-11-01"
      "boardMemberCompanyId": "7904182396",
      "personalNumber": "197904182396",
      "firstName": "Kuno",
      "surName": "Efternamn2993",
      "roleCode": "5",
      "roleName": "Ledamot",
      "fromDate": "2003-11-01"

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