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Alternative Beneficial Owner

See which persons have control of the company if there is no Beneficial owner with more than 25 % ownership

Alternative Beneficial Owner

If the company does not have an owner with more than 25 % ownership check Alternative Beneficial Owners to see who should be considered to be controlling the company.

A Benificial owner is the person or persons who ultimately own or control, for example, a company or association. A true beneficial owner can also be the person (s) who serve someone else to act on them.


Use this service when you want to find all Beneficial Owners of a company. Based on the organisation number, a listing of the Alternative Beneficial Owners of the company will be created.

Information about Alternative Beneficial Owner
  • Positions: Shareholders, CEO and Chairman of the Board
  • Birth date
  • Complete name: First name, Given name and surname
  • Extension of control: Shareholding as a percentage, senior positions of the board.
Ikon för Alternativ Verklig Huvudman

Common use-cases:

  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML)
  • Compliance
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What’s the Purpose of Knowing the Identity of the Beneficial Owner?

According to the EU money laundering directive, all EU-countries must keep records over the true Beneficial Owners of organisations. The main purpose is to provide a registry for banks and Financial investigation Units so they quickly can see who or whom are behind the organisation. Additionally, this will be used to fight money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

As an example, this means that when a company is about to become a customer with a bank, the bank needs to sort out who/whom are the real Beneficial Owners. If the bank suspects that the named Beneficial Owners are incorrect, the bank will request an investigation around who the real Beneficial Owners are, something the bank is legally entitled to do. If the investigation is inferior or if the bank finds a reason to distrust it, the company will be denied as a customer

For developers

Documentation: docs.roaring.io

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Exempel på respons:
  "altBeneficialOwners": [
      "name": "Brusveen Halvard Web",
      "yearOfBirth": "1970",
      "altSource": "OWNER",
      "ownerInfo": {
        "totalQuota": "0,08"
      "name": "Dyre Frida",
      "yearOfBirth": "1974",
      "altSource": "BOARD_MEMBER",
      "boardMemberInfo": {
        "role": "LEDE",
        "description": "Chairman of the board"
  "hitCount": 2,
  "status": {
    "code": 0,
    "text": "AltBeneficialOwners found"