Alternative Beneficial Owner

Alternative beneficial owner

Deep dive into company ownership and control with alternative beneficial owners.

  • Automate your AML & KYC screening process
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and avoid unnecessary risk
  • Reduce time doing manual lookups in different systems
alternative beneficial owner

Use cases

Use our services to create smooth and compliant processes for screening and monitoring of alternative beneficial owners.
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Compliance & Risk

Minimize the risk of money laundering and terrorism financing, while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our API, web app and webhook solutions enable a digital and automated KYC process.

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Due Diligence

Save time conducting background checks and due diligence, by automating through our API solutions.

No more manual lookups using multiple tools, systems and sources!

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Customer onboarding

Provide a swift onboarding process for your prospects, where KYC screening take place "behind the scenes".

Making sure you have a compliant digital onboarding process, that's open 24/7!


Alternative beneficial owner is available to use in the following Roaring products:

Technical details

Find out all you need to know about a company's ownership and alternative beneficial owners

If a company does not have a registered beneficial owner, with more than 25% ownership, you can check alternative beneficial owners to see who should be considered a beneficiary. This API and web app service will show you minority owners in a company, as well as owners who own more than 25%, but are not registered as beneficial owners with authorities.

An alternative beneficial owner is someone who ultimately owns or controls a company, association or other type of legal entity, however not to the extent required for being declared as a beneficial owner, or someone who controls the company through board membership.

The alternative beneficial owner(s) retrieved with this service are people who own more than 5%, and people who are board members of the company either with the role of Chairman of the bord or General manager/CEO. As for people fulfilling criteria through ownership, the top 2 share holders are included in the response. Total share holdings are compiled from direct and indirect holdings. If a person owns more than 25%, the person is likely to appear in the response even though the person should be labeled as a beneficial owner.

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Example response:

  "altBeneficialOwners": [
      "name": "Björn Efternamn1029",
      "personalNumber": "198112152395",
      "altSource": "OWNER_AND_BOARD_MEMBER",
      "ownerInfo": {
        "totalQuota": "0.4"
      "boardMemberInfo": {
        "roleCode": "18",
        "description": "Chairman of the board"
      "name": "Eva Efternamn2720",
      "personalNumber": "198502172383",
      "altSource": "OWNER_AND_BOARD_MEMBER",
      "ownerInfo": {
        "totalQuota": "0.4"
      "boardMemberInfo": {
        "roleCode": "12",
        "description": "General manager/CEO"
  "hitCount": 2,
  "status": {
    "code": 0,
    "text": "AltBeneficialOwners found"

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