Roaring expands to Spain!

And so a new chapter begins as Roaring is taking the first step outside of the Nordics. Our next market? Spain!

As of right now we have two APIs available on the Spanish market, Company Information and Signing Combinations.

Our team is currently working on producing more of our already existing APIs in the Nordics, making them available in Spain as well. So it’s safe to say that there's loads more to come!

Worth noting is that we already provide global coverage for PEP and Sanctions Lists.

Company Information

The Company Information API contains basic business information such as address, status and industry.

What is "Company Information" and why should you use it?
The Company Information API gives you a good overview about a company. This API is used to retrieve accurate and up-to-date information about customers and suppliers at the registration/onboarding period, but also as an ongoing data quality measure. It is also used by many to make sure that customers and suppliers are registered for tax and not in bankruptcy.

What data is included?
Below you’ll find a summary view of everything that’s included in the API response:

Signing Combinations

The Signing Combinations API allows you to check all combinations of persons that have Signatory Right in a company.

What is "Signing Combinations" and why should you use it?
The Signing Combinations service provides answers to which combinations of individuals (individually or in combination) have the right to sign for the company. The service is used to automate the verification that the right people are entitled to sign for a company at a given time. Examples of applications are signing agreements and contracts, providing power of attorneys, and creating accounts or automated customer registrations.

What data is included?
Below you’ll find a summary view of everything that’s included in the API response:

What’s next in Spain?

Like we mentioned, the Roaring team will continue the work of making our Nordic APIs available for the Spanish market as well. Next up in the pipeline, we have things like Company Group Structure, Owner Structure as well as Company Search. So keep an eye out for more information regarding those launches!