Release of Sanctions API 3.0

Release of Sanctions API 3.0

You’ve asked for it, and we’re super excited to finally announce that we're now releasing version 3.0 of the Sanctions API. A big release jam-packed with loads of new features, including two new sanctions lists, fuzzy search and more.

Added Sanctions lists

One of our most requested updates has been to add more sanctions lists to our API. Therefore, this version of the API contains not one but two new sanctions lists from Great Britain and Switzerland. It's now possible to use the API and search for people and companies on lists from Great Britain, Switzerland, EU, UN, and OFAC.

Fuzzy Search 

Another new valuable feature is fuzzy search. This allows you to search in a way that helps you discover misspellings on companies or individuals. In normal cases without the fuzzy search, these individuals/ companies would not have been detected as hits on sanctions lists. 

Entity Type

We have also added the possibility to use query parameters to filter out if a searched ”object” is a person or organization or other. 

Search result score

We have implemented a search Score in the response. It is an indication of how well the hit matches the search parameters. The best matched result first and then in descending order. Giving you the opportunity to exclude hits with a low score, for better relevance.