Updated customer data.

Good data quality is achieved with monitoring of changes and continuous updates.

There are many good reasons to ensure that you have updated and accurate information in your customer records. Exemplary data quality is often the key to successful businesses.

If you have information about persons in your records, the Data Protection Act (GDPR) applies and then incorrect data can be punishable, which makes continuous updating even more important.

Poorly updated customer records are a strong contributing factor to companies that break down or do bad business. Sellers get frustrated and customers get annoyed when they are hit by incorrect information. When mailings and deliveries fail, it is costly and gives the company a bad reputation.

We have seen horror examples with customers where order and invoicing systems have duplicated and incorrect information, which has led to hundreds of customers not even being billed.

Roaring helps you with everything from data cleaning to monitoring changes and continuous updates of your customer records with our services.

Good data quality ensures that you follow the Data Protection Act and above all make sure that you do the best possible business.

This is how to get started!

1.  Make an initial update (data cleansing) of the entire customer register to get a current and error-free register.

2. Ensure that all new customers are properly registered with updated and verified data.

3. Now continuously monitor your customer data so that you always have accurate information about our customers.

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