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Customer registration

Get your registration automatized

As a Sitesmart user you now have the possibility to automate your customer registration process, and it’s super easy too.

This functionality gives you the possibility to collect current and correct information about:


You will have access to every person registered in the Swedish population registry. Have your new customers register by only entering their personal identity number and their name and address will be filled in  automatically. This also allows you to check if the person really exists and you avoid doublets in your customer register.


Here you will have access to every company in Sweden, have your customer enter their corporate identity number and all the information about the company will be entered automatically. In addition to getting correct information you also get a verification that the company really exists, are in business and have not e.g. gone bankrupt.

An example

Imagine that instead of having to enter all the fields

  • Name
  • Family Name
  • Street Name
  • Street Number
  • Postage Number

You need only to enter a personal identity number or a corporate identity number and the rest of the form would auto-fill the other fields with up to date and correct name and address details.

Above is an image from the registration process of Strandlins, Swedens largest online retailer of suitcases and traveling accessories. Here the customer is allowed to register by entering their personal or corporate identity number and the form is then auto-filled with the correct information. With the introduction of auto-filled registration forms you open up for some new possibilities. Here are some examples:

  • Increased conversion will come with a simpler and faster way of registering
  • Improved quality of the customer register since the correct data is provided from day one.
  • Verification of whom you are doing business with, this is even more important to those who work within the field of digital channels
  • Improved customer experience since a minimal effort is required from the user
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