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Customer Case Qvitoo

Qvitoo is the service which helps automate the handling of expenses and invoices for real, so customers can focus on their core business.

As a part of Qvittos task to automate as much as possible of the boring everyday tasks it was a no brainer to automate the registration process as far as possible. The Qvitoo service uses Roaring APIs to collect correct company information when a new customer signs up.

Qvitoo robot

“At Qvitoo we were very excited when we got in touch with Roaring and tried their APIs. Of all companies we compared, Roaring won on quality and simplicity, at a fraction of the price. Additionaly, Roaring’s API-portal offers many exciting possibilities which drastically improves the experience for our customers.”
– Henrik Feldt, CEO

Henrik Feldt Qvitoo

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