Member registration

Increase the number of new members with quick and easy registration.

If the number of new members is low or decreasing in your business, something needs to be done to reverse the trend. Roaring has found that the fastest and best way to increase the number of new members is to make it extremely easy to register.

Many people avoid or interrupt a registration process that is complicated or time-consuming. There may also be registration flows that request information that it is not common to remember as, for example, the organization number of the company you work on or what a workplace is.

With Roaring's API services, member clubs, organizations, and unions can automate and digitize their membership signup so that people can register quickly and easily. It gives more satisfied members. At the same time as you know that it is correct member information that is collected which is a requirement according to the Data Protection Act (GDPR).


1. Enters social security number

The member enters their social security number and automatically we retrieve his/her name and registered address.

2. Search for his employer.

The member search by company name and chooses his company in the list that appears. All company information is automatically retrieved and if there are multiple workplaces a list appears in which the person can select the workplace that he/she is working at.

3. Complete the registration.

All the customer needs to fill in manually is his phone number and e-mail address.

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