Digital customer onboarding

How the digital experience affects your business

The digital experience

About 60% of B2B customers abandon onboarding processes in digital channels. Why? We did some exploring in recent studies and surveys, only to discover that people give up when the onboarding process takes too long, or when it requires more information than people are willing to disclose. Businesses that fail to keep up with todays customer demand often stick with analog, slow and time-consuming onboarding processes for way too long. This generates customer friction and significant drop out.

Here are five solid reasons to create a digital and automated onboarding process:


1. A new customer at the end of the digitization process

The major advantage is that having taken the time and effort to digitalize the onboarding process, you actually get the chance to acquire a new customer. By having a smooth digital customer onboarding process you'll be able to increase sales and improve customer experience.

2. Client centricity

Keeping your client at the centre of your focus is the only sustainable way to grow a business. It implies not just collecting data and bearing an inevitable administrative inconvenience, but also understanding the prospect’s needs. A digitalized workflow allows the process to be built around the users and their preferences.

3. Simplicity

The procedure itself and the information involved are easy to understand and follow. A big benefit in moving from complicated manual forms to automated and digital data flows is user friendliness and making the process smoother and more interactive for the customers.

4. Instant gratification

A client wants immediate response, feedback and confirmation. Digital customer onboarding allows to cut down on completion time. Moreover, all procedures are followed and all validity checked at the data entry part thus lessening time too.

5. Efficiency

One of the most important benefits of digital onboarding is efficiency. Because digitalized data validation - data errors, internal handling and time to approve a customer are all minimised.

digital customer onboarding


“We automated our loan application process with Roaring API:s, reducing manual labour by approximately 650 hours yearly.”

Emilia Åker Corpia
Emilia Åker Head of Operations | Corpia


From KYC and sanctions screening to financial information and ownership structures, it’s never been this easy to ensure compliance! Collect, verify and monitor changes in your customer data, all in one platform.

With Roarings services you can perform compliant KYC and AML procedures as you onboard your customer. Using our API solution you can provide a seamless experience, where mandatory controls are performed in the background, without disturbing the user.

digital customer onboarding 2

A clear vision

We believe in simplifying time-consuming, expensive and frustrating business processes. Our foundation in solving the problem? Innovative API services!

Add our webhooks for monitoring customer data and a user-friendly web application, and you have our complete set of services to help you build and manage smooth processes.

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