Digital customer onboarding

Digital customer onboarding is all about speed, tighter compliance, fewer errors, less manual work and meeting expectations for a great modern day experience.

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There is a new customer at the end of the digitalization process: The major advantage is that having taken the time and effort to digitalize the onboarding process, you actually get the chance to acquire a new customer. By having a smooth digital customer onboarding process you will be able to sell your products and services to more customers.

Client centricity: Keeping your client at the centre of your focus is the only sustainable way to grow a business. It implies not just collecting data and bearing an inevitable administrative inconvenience, but also understanding the prospect’s needs. A digitalized workflow allows the process to be built around the users and their preferences.

Simplicity: The procedure itself and the information involved are easy to understand and follow. A big benefit in moving from complicated manual forms to automated and digital data flows is user friendliness and making the process smoother and more interactive for the customers.

Instant gratification: A client wants immediate response, feedback and confirmation. Digital customer onboarding allows to cut down on completion time. Moreover, all procedures are followed and all validity checked at the data entry part thus lessening time too.

Efficiency: One of the most important benefits of digital onboarding is efficiency. Because digitalized data validation - data errors, internal handling and time to approve a customer are all minimised.


digital customer onboarding

Roaring Apps offers many API services that help our customers achieve the goal of their digitalization process.

  • All data are captured correctly the first time itself whereas a manual process results in errors wrong data and empty data fields.
  • Digital customer onboarding saves time and energy and expedite the process, compressing it from days or weeks to a single session.
  • Each additional field a customer has to fill in manually reduces the number of customers completing their on-boarding by 3-5%. With automated completion, manual fields radically decrease and more customers complete the onboarding.
  • Mobile customers now have an alternative to complicated digital or paper forms. It is easier and more convenient to complete an on-boarding with lesser data fields to fill in. Giving customers the advantage of using their personal smartphone removes barriers and gives customers the freedom to choose their time and method of becoming a customer.
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