Digitized customer registration

Digitize your registration of new customers quickly and securely.

The worst thing a potential customer knows is complicated registration forms with a lot of information that you have to fill out yourself.

Often, the completed information must also be checked manually by an administrator and additional customer checks, such as creditworthiness, may be needed. Manual controls and processes take time to execute and waiting for messages gives frustrated customers. The result is lost business as a potential new customer turns to suppliers who can give notice immediately.

A rule of thumb is that every task that the customer needs to fill in a form gives a customer loss of 3-5 percent, which makes it especially important to create flexible processes for registering new customers.

Now Roaring offers API services that make it much easier for new customers to register. The processes are shortened and your customers experience much higher service and customer satisfaction when they are notified in seconds.

With a digitized registration and control of new customers, you win time, save money and get more satisfied customers.

Manual registration


- Low conversion
- Expensive manual manual registration
- Long delivery time

Digitized registration


+ High conversion
+ Automated process
+ Fast delivery

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