Convini is Sweden’s leading supplier in energy in workplaces with solutions for about 15 cities in Sweden. The concept of quick and easyaccess to good food has become immensely popular and more and more people wish to become customers. This puts new demands on the efficiency of the customer registration process.

To successfully register new customers at the desired speed, Convini has developed a quick and easy way to register as a customer in their mobile app. The app uses the Roaring API to fetch personal data, thus making the registration process as simple as possible.

The introduction of the mobile app has transformed the current “analog” way of shopping and paying and the digital channel is opening up a new world of possibilities.

“Conversion and user experience has improved thanks to a smooth customer registration process through Roarings API.”

Roaring & Convini
Nicklas Enqvist CTO | Convini Sverige


The introduction of the automatic collection of personal data from folkbokföringsuppgifter has proved very valuable and resulted in;
  • It has become easier to register as a customer. Simply supply your personal (social security number) number and a unique Convini number and you're all set to start shopping.
  • The Customer registration conversion has increased thanks to the possibility of registering a new customer in the mobile app.
  • The quality of our customer data has improved since we're able to get correct personal data already from the initial customer contact.
  • With more people registering in the mobile we get an increased we get a larger display window where we can deliver more personalized offers
Convini använder Person API från Roaring