Customer Case Bofink

Bofink is the service which helps individuals make smarter loans. Get a quick overview, new insights and more money over. It is a cost free digital loan administrator which offers decision support for för setting times on house loans and much more.

To Bofink it is critical for the business that the service is as simple to use as possible.

The Solution

When a new customer registers in the application, the information about the customers loans are collected from the various loan institutions where the customers has their loans. Simultaneously Bofink also gathers the customer's address information enabling the customer to connect the loans with addresses with a few simple clicks. The service which makes this possible is the Roaring Person-API for collection of personal information.

"The user experience in our service has been significantly improved, because we automatically retrieve address information. In this way, our customers do not have to manually administer their mortgages."

Gustav Haglund Bofink


The introduction of the Roaring Person-API has proven very successful.
  • It has become easier for new customers to get started with the service
  • It has become very easy to connect home loans with the correct address
  • The new customer registration conversion has increased thanks to the simplicity of the registration processkelt

Make it as easy as Bofink to register new customers "On-Boarding".