Our pricing model is simple.

No startup costs. Always volume discount.

Develop without any costs

You can use test data for all APIs how much you want free of charge in our Sandbox.

Go production when it suits you

You decide when you want to activate production data by selecting the payment method (credit card or invoice).

Simple pricing model

When you activate production data, a variable price is charged for your consumption according to our pricing model plus a fixed monthly fee of 1,000 kr.

Relationships should be earned

Therefore, we have no cancellation notice. You can cancel your account at any time.

Pricing model

Each API request consume credits according to the usage rate price list. All credits consumed are added up at the end of the month and charged according to the price list Tiers. More usage gives better price.

You will find a complete price list logged in at developer.roaring.io

Roaring pricing
Roaring for Startups

We love Startups and want to participate to your good ideas turning into reality. This is why we have an extra favourable offer to Startups.

The offer entitles Startups to a discount of 50% on all our services for up to 1 year.