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Don’t quite have the time or resources to build and integrate? Or have a need for automation but don’t know how to do it?

No worries, our partners can help you with both the integration and the creative how-to-phase.

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When taking help of our partners, you can easily outsource all of the time consuming parts to them.

Meaning you save a lot of time and are able to have your product/ solution up and running on the market in no time.

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Global coverage

Looking to scale a grow outside of your own country?

Thanks to the wide range of Roaring partners we make it possible for you to get that extra help, no matter where in the world you are.

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CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. Operating in hundreds of locations across the globe, CGI delivers end-to-end services and solutions in many areas including financial solutions, systems integration and business process services.
Tietoevry creates purposeful technology. With Nordic roots and global scale, they transform business and progress society with digital means. Roarings API driven data enablement, rapid automation capabilities, and business crucial data, is an integral part of the insurance and financial solutions offered by Tietoevery.
Scrive is a trustworthy e-signing platform in the Nordic region. Together with Scrive we make it easier than ever before to automate, control and digitise B2B contract signings, so they can be handled in a fast, simple and secure manner.
Quesnay is specialized in delivering a comprehensive Client Lifecycle Management solution. They're using Roarings API platform to support automation, data retrieval and monitoring of business information. The solution structures and automates a number of compliance related tasks. As well as handles onboarding of new customers, ongoing due diligence, KYC checks and additional tasks.
Banqsoft offers an end-to-end core banking software which support a wide range of financial services - from sales finance, virtual and physical cards, deposit, savings and more. Banqsoft uses Roaring's API platform and monitoring services to automate smooth customer onboarding, KYC and ongoing monitoring of customer data changes.
Sweet Systems develops smart and user friendly solutions that digitize and automate the customer processes. Sweet System helps customers to pre fill forms with business information from Roaring, without the need to also technically integrate with any other data provider.
Sopra Steria have developed a solution in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that makes their clients' work effort in “Business Central” more efficient. Thanks to the information in Roarings API platform, Sopra has provided a solution that simplifies and automate customer and supplier data, at the click of a button directly Microsoft Business Central.
As Salesforce experts, Kycio creates smart solutions for KYC, onboarding, contract management and more. As a result of the partnership Kycio can help their clients ensure that their business information is up to date in Salesforce. No need for further integrations with other data providers, it's already in place by Kycio and Roaring.
Vilja offers a modular banking platform. API first. Automated. Cloud-native. Vilja is partnering with Roaring to be able to integrate KYC/AML crucial data, to enable automation and streamline customer onboarding processes, directly in the core banking platform.
A single cloud-based platform for running your entire Asset & Investment Management business with secure access to your data, globally. Fa Solutions have integrated with Roarings API Platform, to support automatisation and digitalisation of AML/KYC processes in FA Solutions platform.
Bits Technology is the powerhouse for customer and business identity needs. They offer a no-code solution where you can get a pre-built and customized onboarding and customer monitoring solution for your KYC & KYB needs without having to produce a single line of code.
Companies trust Strise to automate KYC, drive better performance, and operationalise regulatory changes with ease. Together with Roarings API platform and business information, any client to Strise can now benefit from fully automated, reliable and fast screening. As well as onboarding and monitoring of customers.

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