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Get more value from your tools with Roaring integrations, plugins and platforms

Seamless Roaring-integrations in industry-leading software, apps and systems, enable you to use your current tools to create and manage your processes.

With integrations in tools and software from Microsoft, Salesforce, Banqsoft and many more, you are all set to consume Roaring any way that suits your needs.

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  • Customer Management Platform (Strise)
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  • Cloud-based banking and finance solution (Keeros)
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Integration Partners

Our partners offer a broad range of tools, services and solutions to help you and your company get the most out of Roaring. Businesses who are looking for help with integration or a way to get started, can use our skilled partners who are experts in our services, meaning you can get going with our services in a faster and more cost-efficient way.

Among our partners you'll find highly skilled and recommended IT, digitization, automation and system specialists such as Sopra Steria, CGI,  Sweet Systems, Scrive among others. In need of help? Get in touch and we'll guide to the right partner for your project!

Meet our partners

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Sopra Steria is a leader of digital transformation and innovation in Europe. With more than 30 years of experience in IT-solutions and services, they specialize in giving their customers great user experience and business value.

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Scrive is the most trustworthy e-signing platform in the Nordic region. Together with Scrive we make it easier than ever to automate, control and digitise B2B contract signings, so they can be handled in a fast, simple and secure manner.

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Sweet Systems is a Swedish, innovative software company, that offers tools to automate and digitize customer processes. The tools can easily be adjusted by your employees, without relying on IT departments and/or consultants.

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CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. Operating in hundreds of locations across the globe, CGI delivers end-to-end services and solutions in many areas including financial solutions, systems integration and business process services.

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The team at CodePole is specialized in Fintech (Financial Technology) and supports companies of all sizes to design, develop, implement and run services and products. Their skilled engineers and developers handle everything from web and mobile to cloud based applications.

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VNTRS Consulting is a digital/venture bureau with the heart and expertise in startups and scaleups. VNTRS can both be the technical partner from an idea to the launch of the digital service or develop specific parts and integrations.

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CRM Insight has been providing SuperOffice solutions to a variety of businesses, large and small, since the mid-90s. They can assist in how to develop and improve customer relationships using one of the market's best CRM solutions.



Kycio offers customers in the financial world applications and tailored integrations to easily handle the legal requirements for documentation and follow-up. As Salesforce experts, they create smart solutions for, among other things, KYC, onboarding and contract management.

Webicient Webbyrå works with designing, developing and maintaining companies' websites. With target group-oriented focus, they develop a world-class design that results in customer attraction.

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