One account, four markets & three services to enable great businesses

With more than 50 data sources at your disposal, an unlimited number of users in your account and a toolbox of services available, you can build and design whatever you like.

Roaring Services

Roaring API

Ideate, build, implement and delight!

With Roaring API:s you can digitize, automate and simplify all kinds of business processes. Create a frictionless customer onboarding flow, a simple power of attorney signing or a smooth and compliant KYC-process – The sky is the limit!

Built with modern technology and always filled with high quality, up-to-date data for smarter and simpler decision-making.

Free sandbox development
Simple, seamless integration
+50 sources of data from the Nordics
Roaring API

Roaring Monitoring

Did you know that roughly 20% of business relevant customer data changes each year?

Missing out on customer data changes is expensive. With Roaring Monitoring you can easily subscribe to changes in your customer information through our webhook solution.

Stay up-to-date, compliant and relevant over time – it’s never been easier.

Easy setup through webhooks
No customer list required
Monitor changes in your data
Roaring Monitor

Roaring Web

Customer knowledge in a heartbeat.

Collect, verify and monitor customer data manually in our web app. Easy to use and with all the data you need to perform compliant KYC-processes and in-depth customer data controls.

Solid customer knowledge and a basis for business risk assessment through the simple click of a button. What’s not to like?

Unlimited number of users
Wide array of customer data
Simple KYC & AML compliance
roaring web icon

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