Customers are Like Water – In Norway as Well!

We’ve launched our person data service in Norway. With this service it is easy to create top notch on-boarding and registration solutions. The benefits are many, for both sellers and buyers. While you’re offering your customers a first class customer experience you receive correct customer data instantly. This is truly beneficial in many areas, e.g. […]

New Customer!

We’re delighted to welcome Qvitoo as a new customer. Qvitoo has a unique and effective service which simplifies management of expenses, receipts and invoices. This way businesses can focus on their core business instead of administration. Qvitoo has a modern och effective service and it was a no-brainer for them to use our simple and […]

Use Customer Data to Boost Your Bottom Line

Are you putting your customer data to work for you? Are you using it wisely to optimise the customer experience? If not your business is sure to suffer. Most companies today have some sort of customer database with plenty of data about their customers. Putting this data to good use has its challenges but will […]

New service! Signing Combinations

As a consumer today you’ve grown accustomed to getting started immediately after you’ve signed up for or bought a new service. E.g. sign up for a Netflix account and you’re up an running right away after completing the registration form. Now people are starting to expect and demand the same when it comes to B2B […]

Garbage in - Garbage Out

Garbage In – Garbage Out

Garbage In, Garbage Out! Building a good reputation for your brand takes a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, ruining it can be done very quickly and with very little effort. One quick way to lose your hard earned reputation, or to never establish one, is to use poor customer data in your communication and […]