Digital Transformation- What, Why, How?

What is digital transformation? In short, digital transformation is about improving the entire company using digital technology. All companies that want to be competitive need to digitize and streamline their customer processes. It is a great competitive advantage to offer customers fast, efficient and good service. Effective customer processes also reduce administrative costs. Why digitize? […]

Travel Policy

Purpose Our goal and purpose of this travel policy is for all employees at Roaring to travel safely and climate-smart. By managing and planning our trips in a more efficient way, we can both reduce costs and climate impact. We also want to inspire to travel more climate-smart outside office hours. Traveling in the service […]

Breakit Impact Challenge

May 6 is the start of Breakit Impact Challenge. Roaring accepts the challenge! Breakit Impact Challenge is a digital bootcamp that aims to make the businesses climate-smart, and eventually climate-neutral. Every step we can take for a more climate-smart everyday life is a step in the right direction. Together we can make a difference!

Penningtvättslagen- Några snabba

Anti Money Laundering Act- In short

These days we read about money laundering and the Anti Money Laundering Act in the newspaper on a daily basis. According to expert Gavin Neilson, Sweden is five to ten years behind the UK and US in our work against money laundering. So what can we do to catch up? Something to focus on is […]

Roaring in Realtid

“Many know that they are covered by the AML, but not how to comply with the requirements of the law.” Don’t miss Roaring in Realtid today! Do you know what the Money Laundering Act requires of your company? CLICK HERE to read the article.