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Blog: Black Friday Reflections

In the wake of yet another Black Friday coming to an end last week, we look back at this relatively new phenomenon and reflect. Black Friday, Black Weekend, Black Week, Black Month? An older group of buyers, larger online purchases and changing patterns of e-commerce highlight the year of the pandemic so far, according to […]

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Blog: Why customers abandon your onboarding – and how to fix it

Customer onboarding in B2B – A changing landscape Customer acquisition in B2B organizations is changing. The B2C market has led the way in creating simple, low cost, intuitive digital experiences, fueling the growth of their business and brands. Innovative, smooth and digital onboarding flows, have created a gap between customer expectations and the reality of […]

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Sopra Steria introduces Roaring to Business Central

IT and digital transformation specialists Sopra Steria are now releasing their first innovative integration, with Roarings API services being incorporated into Microsofts 365 Business Central. Earlier this year, Roaring and Sopra Steria formed a partnership to provide customers with new ways of using APIs for data collection, verification, updates and monitoring. The partnership has now come […]

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Guest blog: It’s time for the financial sector to change – for real

Many new sustainability rules are being introduced and will be in place in the near future. It’s time to do your research and start the adaptation work that will need to be carried out. Kawin Mårtensson and Lina Sandmark, Kompass Advokat, are specialists in regulatory issues in the financial sector and will in this article go through some […]

3 ways to reduce compliance costs

List: 3 ways to reduce compliance costs

Introduction The effects of increased compliance requirements when it comes to the Money Laundering Act have received a great deal of media attention recently. Banks that do not follow the rules and thus receive high fines, new industries that are added to now be affected by the law and thorough investigations of activities by authorities […]