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Blog: Why Swedish real estate agents have to know their customers inside out

Background In short, money laundering means someone is trying to turn money or other assets that come from criminal activities, into assets that can be displayed openly, such as property or real estate. The most common cases of money laundering entail money from drug offenses, robberies, fraud and tax offenses etc. As authorities worldwide tighten […]

Blog: How increasing compliance requirements are affecting digital business

Introduction The process of “knowing your customer” – one of the requirements in AML laws and regulations – continues to cause a lot of companies problems in different ways. While authorities tighten their grip on preventing money laundering, businesses are struggling to ensure legal compliance while providing great customer experience.   Compliance demands have changed […]

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List: 3 BIG challenges of customer data management

Why is Customer Data Management Important? Compliance During the past few years, the requirements for compliance has been tightened considerably with new rules, laws and regulations. Both through the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AML) and through the GDPR. The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Data Protection Authority have an increasingly tight grip on these issues […]

Sopra Steria + Roaring

New partners: Roaring x Sopra Steria

New partnership! Sopra Steria is one of Europe’s top 5 digital transformation companies. With more than 30 years of experience in IT services, system development and integration, they are specialists in increasing the value and user experience of their customers’ services. Together we will be able to offer customers the most innovative solutions in digital […]

Private schools & healthcare get access to new information

Free schools and private healthcare will be able to receive information about caregivers in electronic form from June 15 2020. This means a lot less work for all parties involved! Up until now the caregiver had to request information from the public records to give to the school or healthcare. With our service, Population Register, […]