New releases: Partner Integration API and more!

Here are some of the latest news, features and releases from our product development team:


Partner Integration API

In order to make our partner solutions more flexible and seamless, we've now released a beta-version of a partner API. The API enables customer sign up to Roarings services, through the partners application, meaning your users or customers don't have to leave your application to access and use customer data.

This could provide your service or product with an additional revenue stream as well as exceptional customer value within your application.

Read more about our partners and integrations.


Signatory text Finland

Completing our line up of this API in the Nordics, Signatory Text is now available in Finland! Signatory text is exactly what it sounds like, containing the complete signatory text for a company. The API can be used to check that a valid signatory has entered into agreement with your business. An example of text can look like this: "The company is signed by the board. The company is solely signed by Svensson Patrik Johan."

Read more about our signatory right services.

Danish in Roaring Web

We've now added the Danish language in our web application, in addition to Swedish, Norwegian and English. Go to the app.

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