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Hello Finland!

Finally, we are live in production with a great set of API services available on the Finnish market. The services now include Signing Combinations, Company Search, Beneficial Owner, Company Information, PEP, Population Registry, Board Members and Sanctions Lists.

These services create the making of digital and automated processes for customer onboarding (B2B & B2C), power of attorneys, KYC and AML, updating customer registers, among other things.

Developer? Read more about the services here!

Non-developer? Take a look at our Finnish services.

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Population Registry available in Denmark!

Vi har nu släppt folkbokföringsdata för Danmark i vårt nya API! Detta gör vårt persondata komplett i Norden.

Developer? Read more about the API here!

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Suspicion of false beneficial owner status

Bolagsverket in Sweden has previously introduced the possibility of reporting suspicions of incorrect information in the register of beneficial owners. This information has now been added to our Beneficial Owner service, where we present a degree of suspicion and status codes in the specific case.

More information can be found in our API documentation.

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KYC forms for individuals

KYC questionnaire templates have now been introduced on an individual level in Roaring Web. Previously, the feature has been available in the company view with templates from different industries, to ensure KYC and AML compliance.

Initially, we will release a general template, as well as a template for real estate brokers who conduct many transactions with private individuals. If you have a desire to have a template built for your particular industry or business, please feel free contact us.

Historic data

We are now building - and continuously launching - endpoints for historical data. These can include previous board members, beneficial owners, company engagements and bankruptcies, for example.

Historical data dates back to 2016 as the longest, but varies depending on the API.

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