New releases: 2022-10-21

New releases: 2022-10-21

Here are some of the latest news, features and releases from our product development team:

Owner Structure API is available on the Spanish market

We're super excited to finally announce that our Owner Structure API is available on the Spanish market! The API enables you to find out the owner structure of companies to enhance your due diligence or conduct KYC screenings.

  • Ensure compliance and avoid unnecessary risk
  • Improve your KYC, AML and risk screenings & assessments
  • Screen companies to find red flags and unclear ownerships

New version of Person No

As the underlying service at Norwegian Skatteetaten reached end-of-life earlier this fall (2022-09-30). Person No 1.0 has now been retired and replaced with version 2.0. This new version means that the data is now being fetched from the renewed Norwegian population registry (FREG).

  • Additional endpoints and a completely reworked json structure.
  • Permission application for connecting to version 2.0 of the API will from now on be digitally handled via self service in the Norwegian government portal.

Sanctions control with query parameters

Thanks to an update to the Sanctions Lists API, it’s now possible to select which sanctions list to be searched from Permissions & Settings. The new feature gives you the control to choose which lists should be used in Roaring Web. As of today we support UN, OFAC and EU lists.

If you want to view more of the recent changes we've implemented, check out our change log here.

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