New releases: 2022-05-11

Here are some of the latest news, features and releases from our product development team:

A lot of awesome stuff released in our latest batch of updates.


Roaring Web App

Our web app is extended with some new services, features and changes.

  • Share Facts - discloses all the information you need to know about a company's shares, including bonus issues, share types, number of shares and much more!
  • Group structure now available for Danish companies.
  • Notifications when group financial information is available.
  • Subview for relations (person).
  • Our Danish population register service is updated to version 1.1

New history endpoints in the web app

Looking at a persons or company's history is interesting data from many perspectives. Especially so, when looking at risk and trends. Here are some new history data that are introduced to the web app.

  • Board directorships in Sweden
  • Company information in Finland, Denmark and Norway

New API endpoints

Some new API endpoints have also been released, mostly featuring historical data.

  • New endpoint for historical data on beneficial owners in Denmark
  • New endpoint for historical data on company information in Finland, Norway and Denmark
  • 5 new endpoints for our new version of Danish population register