New releases: 2022-03-31

Here are some of the latest news, features and releases from our product development team:

More release news, as we expand services available in the web app, including Global PEP, company rating and beneficial owner history.


Global PEP - now in our web app!

Check customers and prospects PEP status with our Global PEP service. Now available as a filtering option when conducting PEP and Sanctions screening in our web app.

More about Global PEP.

Beneficial Owner History - Sweden

Check historical changes in registered beneficial owners of a company. This service is now available in the web app, in addition to the API endpoint.

Read more about beneficial owners.

Rating Company - Sweden

Also introduced in the Roaring Web App is a service to check a company's credit rating/score. The scoring model has an assessment scale of 1-100, divided into five risk intervals, where each increased score (points) means a reduced risk.

Read more about the service here.