New releases: Group structure, financial information and company search Norway!

Here are some of the latest news, features and releases from our product development team:


Financial Information & Group Structure Norway

We've now added both Financial Information and Company Group Structure to our ever-growing Norwegian suite of API services. This enables more, highly relevant customer data to be collected on companies in Norway, and expands possibilities for AML and KYC processes.


Updates to Company Search Norway

To give our Norwegian Company Search API a boost, we've added a query parameter as well as a metric for annual revenue. Read more in the docs.

Coming soon

Global PEP

By popular demand, we're now working hard on an API with global PEP information. Stay tuned for more on this matter!


Company Group Structure Denmark

As we continue to develop our services in the Danish market, company group structure is next in line to be released.



"Global PEP will be introduced as a new API service soon"

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