New Partner: Sweet Systems

As our first partner announcement of the year, we couldn't be more thrilled to introduce you to Sweet Systems! The partnership enables companies to digitize and automate slow and time-consuming processes.

"With the Roaring partnership in place, we can accelerate digitization and automation to new levels. Now, up to date, correct customer data can be acquired in the onboarding process and go on through the entire customer relationship life cycle. This ensures compliance and a smooth customer experience." Says Markus Ewers, founder of Sweet Systems.

"A lot of the work in sales, customer service and administration is still based on manual labour. That leads to insecurity in information quality and consumes time and resources. Through our services and the partnership with Roaring, we can solve these challenges in a simple way."

Among the services positively effected by the partnership you'll find:

  • Digital forms, replacing static webpages, physical forms and PDF:s, through a dynamic form engine.
  • Digital signing, making document management and contracts simpler and safer.

The partnership aims to create a safe, efficient and flexible managing of digital customer information, with services that enable automation, eliminating frustrating manual work. Sweets Systems powerful and user-friendly administration tools, gives your organization the power to run your own digitization journey.

"Priorities can be adjusted to your organizations capabilities and resources and time to market for your services and products reduces markedly. We already have complete integrations to Roaring, making it simple and quick to get started." Says Markus.

Markus Ewers, founder of Sweet Systems

About Sweet Systems

Sweet Systems is a Swedish, innovative software company, that offers tools to automate and digitize customer processes. The tools can easily be adjusted by your employees, without relying on IT departments and/or consultants. This ensures the pace of digitization can be accelerated according to your own priorities and conditions.


Contact Sweet Systems at to find out more.

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