New Partner: Banqsoft!

We are happy and exicted to welcome leading financial software provider, Banqsoft, as a new Roaring partner!

With innovative services in digital banking, asset financing and credit management, we believe that a Banqsoft and Roaring partnership is a match made in heaven. The combination of smart financial solutions and high quality data through innovative API services, provides organizations with the tools to streamline their operations while enhancing comfort in regulatory compliance.

The integration of Roarings services in the Banqsoft platform will simplify the KYC, AML and customer onboarding process, among other things.

"We couldn't be happier to partner up with Banqsoft, a leading platform in financial services. They will now integrate our data in to the platform, which will help their users perform KYC, AML and customer onboarding procedures in a simple and safe manner", Says Per Martín, Sales & Business Development Director at Roaring.



Banqsoft is one of the leading providers of financial software solutions in the Nordics. They offer a wide range of software solutions for asset finance companies, digital banks and credit management providers - all in one platform. Read more about Banqsoft here.

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