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A changed landscape for customer data

For businesses that fall under the requirements of the Money Laundering Act, recent years have entailed significant changes. Increased focus from authorities on supervision and review in combination with tougher requirements to ensure compliance has, among other things, led to greater requirements for specialist competence in anti-money laundering, IT and legal. These resources and their skills have been sought after in many businesses to handle the increased workload, which has also meant that the costs of staying within the regulations have increased sharply.

Fredrik Lans and Magnus Sjungare, who have gathered experience in finance and IT, saw that many struggle with the same challenge, and work in several different systems that do not exchange data with each other. This led to the idea of ​​gathering all information in a single system with the possibility of automation. The idea of a solution was formed into Kycio.

“Ever since the first MiFID rule was implemented, the legal requirements and controls have increased and are constantly changing. This change claims unreasonable resources and costs for businesses", says Fredrik Lans, one of the founders of Kycio.

Salesforce-based solutions

In one of the world's leading CRM systems - Salesforce - Kycio has found the starting point for its solutions. They offer ready-made "plug-and-play" solutions under constant development, while also providing assistance in integration and implementation of projects.

“In the search for a system, it quickly became clear that Salesforce could provide us with all the basic tools for managing customer interaction, and at the same time be able to integrate with external systems to gather data and get an overview in one place. So for us and the clients, the benefits were enormous, but we still lacked a solution to our fundamental problem. The best way was to create the support we requested ourselves to achieve order and efficiency.


Magnus Sjungare and Fredrik Lans, founders of Kycio 

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Kycio offers customers in the financial world applications and tailored integrations to easily handle the legal requirements for documentation and follow-up.

As Salesforce experts, they create smart solutions for, among other things, KYC, onboarding and contract management.

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Support for business-critical processes

Kycio has developed efficient flows to handle business-critical processes such as AML, KYC and onboarding to name a few. Many of these are fully automated and this has been possible through collaborations with companies such as Roaring. With their innovative integrations, they ensure that information is always up to date in Salesforce, where the customer has control not only over the legal pieces but also over their revenue and expenses.

Kycio has also made it easy to interact with the customer, regardless of whether it is about market presentations, invitations or signing of digital documents.

“Our goal is to improve the customer experience and remove all time-consuming obstacles. It should be easy to be compliant, which we believe makes our customers sleep well at night. ”

Development and new target groups

Kycio's solutions are adaptable to each customer's needs, and at the same time as the idea is to further develop existing solutions, there are clear opportunities to broaden the target group to several industries.

“We already feel that we have created something valuable and that our products, with the combination of Roaring and digital signing, have great potential to significantly simplify everyday life for companies in a variety of industries. No more manual compliance work and no more forms to fill in. Although the business concept was based on our experience from the financial world, it is already clear that the need for the solutions we deliver exists in many other industries as well. ”



Salesforce is the world's largest CRM system and platform with over 150,000 customers. With smart solutions for managing customer relationships in all phases of the customer journey, Salesforce has become a major player in the market.

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