Roaring Integration Suite

Building blocks of data to optimize your process

Choose from more than 50 APIs and monitoring services filled with customer data and start optimizing your business processes!

Streamlined Business

Use our APIs and Webhooks to remove manual steps from your time-consuming processes, letting you focus on your core business instead!

All the customer data you need.
In one place.

Collect and verify crucial business information.

Company data

Information about businesses across the Nordics, used by some of the largest brands to:

  • Conduct KYC/KYB audits and screenings
  • Provide smooth signup and onboarding journeys
  • Enable B2B e-sign with valid signatories
  • See company financials and credit rating
  • Check owner and group structure

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We place great emphasis on simplicity and accessibility, in order to reduce your time (and headache…) developing.

Check it out for yourself in our free sandbox environment or book a demo to find out more!

Roaring API

Create robust and modern digital processes with our APIs

  • Use our APIs to digitalize and automate time-consuming tasks and processes
  • Use customer data to build smart, cost-effective and scalable processes for your business
  • With more than 50+ APIs, you have the opportunity to choose which datasets you want to build and optimize your business process with

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Roaring API

Roaring Webhooks

Subscribe to changes in your customer data

Your decisions are only as good as your data.
Don’t miss out when it changes.

Webhook monitoring

The smartest and smoothest way to keep your customer data up to date.

Our webhooks send notifications when any change occurs in the datasets you’ve chosen to monitor. Simply select the data you wish to monitor, choose where you want it sent and get going!

  • Receive only the data you need
  • No handing over customer list to third party
  • Instant push notifications as changes occur

How it works

The webhook flow explained.

Although webhooks might sound complex at first, it really is a simple solution. Think of it as the world’s shortest game of table tennis where we (Roaring) start the game by serving you a notification of a new data change.

You can either return a ”no I’m not interested in that data” or a ”yes I would like to collect the data”, depending on if the data is related to your customer or not. If you return a ”NO”, it’s game over. However, if you return a ”YES”, the game continues and we smash the data change for you to collect and use.

Available API and Webhook services

Choose from all our datasets.








Legal Information

Population register*

PEP (Politically Exposed Person)

Sanctions lists

Company engagements*

Beneficial owners*

Alternative beneficial owners

Credit decision person

Company search

Company information*

Board members*

Financial information*

Company activity

Company rating

Credit decision company

Signing combinations

Signatory text

Signatory right

Company group structure

Owner structure


AML Registry


Share facts

*Contains historical data in addition to current data. See our data for more information.

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