Impact: How Fintech companies are making a difference

The impact of fintech

Fintech companies are a disruptive force of innovation and digital experiences. We've listed a few reasons as to why they play an important role in society.


Financial Inclusion

The accessibility and availability of fintech services, enable people to use technology in the management of their means, regardless of income or their financial conditions. Therefore, fintech solutions has an incredible potential to bring people together, reduce financial inequalities and remove financial borders across the world.

Empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses

A level playing field creates a healthy market. Large businesses used to have the upper hand when it came to using the latest technological and financial tools. However, today this is no longer the case.

With innovative fintech solutions accessible to all, entrepreneurs and small businesses can use some of the tools that the big players use, whether it’s processing payments through Stripe, e-signing via Scrive or customer data management with the help of Roaring (hint, hint, wink, wink).


Financial management - simplified

Investing, saving, payments and comparing! With todays fintech solutions, financial management has truly been simplified.

Companies like Fundler, Opti, Robinhood, Bopti, Chime, Pensure, Klarna, PriceRunner and many more are helping create a world of educated people, making smarter financial decisions. This in turn will help reduce personal debt and create a better financial situation for themselves and their families. In other words, a better world for many!

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